At Mel Foster Co., fulfilling communities' real estate dreams and visions goes beyond building and selling homes and buildings. We realize that the strongest communities are built by the contribution from concerned citizens and businesses working together to provide voluntary services and financial support. Our sales associates, staff and management team enthusiastically support the objectives of community service in the Quad Cities and all of the cities and towns that we work and live in.

As for my wife Jill and I, we have always endeavored to do what we can to make our neighbors close and far lives better. When we are aware of ones struggling and are in need of help we have happily tried to go the extra mile to make their lives a little easier. Sometimes that means we give of our personal personal time or funds. It also means lending a hearing ear or offering scriptural advice.

We personally have been involved in community events that assist with feeding those that are hungry to helping provide clean warm clothes to those in need. This is not to think that we do this to bring praise to ourselves but to bring praise to our almighty father and God. We feel that all of us are not only obligated to help each other but that we should want to.

We enjoy being part of Mel Foster's team because they feel the same as we do when it comes to helping our community.